Privacy Policy

All information and personal date provided by the users of OnGlam are governed by the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Act”) and Doveera Sdn Bhd (“Doveera”) and all companies under and/or related to Doveera (collectively, “our”, “us” or “we”) are committed to ensuring that the privacy of the user’s information including the processing of personal data in commercial transactions is protected at all times. For the purpose of this written notice (“Notice”), the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the same meaning as prescribed in the Act.

This Notice is meant to be read together with OnGlam’s General Terms of Use (available at OnGlam’s website) of which cross-refers to this Privacy Police Notice.

  1. This Notice serves to inform you that your personal data is being collected, processed and retained by us and/or on our behalf and by using and/or accessing the Site (and/or other related applications) you hereby give your consent to us for the collection, processing and retaining of your personal data.
  1. For purposes of this Notice, your personal data shall include but not be limited to your full name, gender, date of birth, email address, home or office mailing address, telephone number and occupation and any other personal data we may from time to time at our sole and unfettered discretion deem necessary to collect from you on any subsequent occasion.
  1. Your personal data is being or is to be collected and processed and retained by us to enable us to:
  • facilitate the creation of and securing of your account;
  • identifying you as a user and to communicate with you;
  • perform administration of the Site and your account;
  • perform the terms and conditions as set out in OnGlam’s General Terms of Use;
  • provide the Services to you;
  • respond to your inquiries and/or complaints;
  • prepare the relevant purchase documents for the said Services and/or Products on the Site “including but not limited to bills, purchase orders, invoices and receipts;
  • conduct market surveys and trend analysis;
  • provide you with information on ours services and/or the Services and/or the Products on the Site by us and as well as related corporations and business partners unless you have otherwise indicated that you do not wish for us to process and retain your personal data for such purpose;
  • conduct legitimate business activities on the Site;
  • comply with any legal requirements and/orders;
  • carry out any data mining, promotions, email updates and invitations; and
  • to carry out any such other purposes directly related to the foregoing.

(collectively, the “Purposes”).

  1. You acknowledge that your personal data and all other information that you may provide us from time to time, is being or is to be collected from the Site, website(s) of our Service Provider(s) and/or the Merchants featured on our Site and/or from third party payment gateway(s) for, amongst others, the Purposes.
  1. Doveera utilizes a third party payment gateway to process payment for your purchase of the Services and/or Products on the Site and as such your usage of the third party payment gateway shall be subject to terms and conditions set out by the said payment gateway service provider. Doveera does not process nor retain any of the your credit card, debit card and/or personal financial information save and except to receive a copy of the billing and payment data for the purchase of Services and/or Products on the Site. This billing and payment data belongs to you but by utilising the Site, you agree that you will grant to us a license to use and/or retain this billing and payment data for any purpose deemed necessary by us at our own our sole and unfettered discretion without the need to obtain additional permission from you. You further agree not to hold Doveera in any responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of your personal financial information from the said payment gateway service provider.
  1. If you logon to the Site through a social networking site (“SNS”) like Facebook or Twitter, we may receive your personal information from your SNS account and you give to us your consent to collect, retain and grant to us a license to use your personal data and any other information that we may receive from your respective SNS account.
  1. You give to us your consent to collect, retain and grant to us a license to use any feedback, comments, contents of any e-mails and surveys that you send to us and/or participate in. You further give us your consent for us to republish any feedback, comments, contents of any e-mails and surveys that that you send to us and/or participate in.
  1. When you access the Site, our servers (which may be hosted by a third party service provider) may collect information such as your browser type, operating system, internet protocol address, domain name and records relating to your visit.
  1. Doveera uses “cookies” technology in order to enable you to have smoother and quicker access to the Site. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive when you are accessing and/or viewing a website. Our cookies also help us to gather information relating to your visit to the Site as well as information as to the type of searches you have conducted and the Services and/or Products that you have viewed on the Site. We may use both session Cookies (which expire when you close your web browser) and persistent Cookies (which stay on your computer until you delete them by following the internet browser directions).
  1. You have the right to request access to and to request for the correction of your personal data as well as to contact us with any inquiries or complaints in respect of your personal data (including the possible choices and means for limiting the processing of your personal data or to cease or not begin processing your personal data for purposes of direct marketing). If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or our use of your personally identifiable information, please contact us at

Doveera shall endeavor to respond to you within three (3) working days.

  1. Subject to provisions of the Act:
  • you may, upon payment of a prescribed fee, make a data access request in writing to us; and
  • we may refuse to comply with a data access request or a data correction request and shall, by notice in writing, inform you of our refusal and the reasons of our refusal.
  1. You authorise us to disclose your personal data to all companies related to Doveera as stated above, the Service Providers, the Merchants, third party payment gateway(s) provider(s), our related corporations, business partners, service providers, governmental departments and/or agencies, regulatory and/or statutory bodies and any such third party requested or authorised by you for the Purposes.
  1. Apart from the Parties set out in Section 12 above, we will not share your personal data with anyone except for the situations listed in Section 14 below or unless we specifically inform you and have obtained you permission for our sharing of your personal data.
  1. We may share your personal information with:
  • Authorised Service Facilitators.

Our authorised service facilitators are companies that perform certain services on our behalf. These services may include processing credit card payments, providing customer service and marketing assistance, performing business and sales analyses, supporting the Site functionality, and supporting contests, surveys and other features we offer. These service facilitators may have access to your clients’ or your personal information to the extent necessary to perform their functions, but we do not allow them to share or use any of your personal information for any other purpose.

  • Affiliates.

We may share information we collect, including personal information, with Doveera-owned or affiliated businesses. Sharing information with our affiliates enables us to provide you with information about a variety of products and services that might interest you. We will ensure that our affiliates shall comply with applicable privacy and security laws and, at a minimum, in any commercial email they send to you, will give you the opportunity to choose not to receive such email messages in the future.

  • Business Partners.

We may share your personal information with the service providers offering the Services, Products, promotions and contests. We won’t share your personal information with these businesses unless you choose to participate in their offer or programme. When you choose to engage in a particular offer or programme, you authorise us to share your email address and other information with the relevant Merchant and/or Service Provider.

  • Other Situations.

We also may disclose your personal data

(i)        In response to a subpoena or similar investigative demand, a court order, or a request for cooperation from a law enforcement or other government agency; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by Malaysian law. In such cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us.

(ii)       When we believe disclosure of your personal data is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of our company, our users, our employees, or others; to comply with applicable law or cooperate with law enforcement; or to enforce the Site’s Terms of Use and/or other agreements or policies.

(iii)      In connection with any possible and/or on-going corporate transaction involving Doveera and/or its affiliates, such as the sale of our business, a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale, or in the unlikely event of insolvency.

  1. You acknowledge that if you click on a link on the Site and enter another website or location, you will leave our Site and enter another site whereupon the operator of the other website or location and/or another entity may collect your personal Data and/or other information related to you. You agree and acknowledge that in such an event, Doveera does not have any control and be responsible for any consequence that arises from such an event. You are put on notice that this Privacy Policy is not applicable to such outside websites/locations and their respective contents and/or to any of your personal data and information collected by theses websites/locations.
  1. You agree to use your best endeavor to assist us in situations where your assistance is required for the Purposes including but not limited to where you are required to furnish personal data relating to other third parties that is known to you.
  1. You agree that it is obligatory for you supply us with your first name and last name, your email address and phone number (collectively, “compulsory personal data”) as a condition to use the Site. If you fail to supply us with the compulsory personal data, we may refuse to process your personal data for any of the Purposes. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide us is accurate and complete and you are also under an obligation to provide up us with your latest email address and phone number. In the event you do not up-date us with your latest e-mail or if the e-mail address you provide us is invalid or for any reason is incapable of accepting any e-mails sent by us, our dispatch of e-mail shall constitute effective service of the e-mail and its content to you.
  1. We may transfer your personal data to a place outside Malaysia and you hereby give your consent to the transfer.
  1. If, at any time after registering, you change your mind about receiving information from us or about the use of information volunteered by you, it shall be your obligation to contact us with your request specifying your new choice. Please contact us as specified above.
  1. Doveera may, from time to time, change its Privacy Policy at its sole and unfettered discretion. In the event there are material changes to our Privacy Policy, we will posting the notice of change on the Site. Any changes to the Privacy Policy shall be deemed to be effective 14 days from the date the notice of change is posted on the Site. Your continued use of the Site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change. In the event you do not agree to the change in the Privacy Policy, you may terminate your account with us.
  1. The Site and the use of the Site are not intended for those aged 18 and under and we do not knowingly collect information from those aged 18 or under. Individuals aged 18 or under should not submit any personal information without the permission of their parents or guardians. By using the Site and our related services, you are representing to us that you are at least 18 of age and are accessing and using the Site on your own free will.
  1. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Site and not to any third party sites.
  1. You are put on notice that we take and endeavor to continue taking all necessary precautions to ensure the security of your personal data. We however cannot guarantee that we will be able to prevent any unauthorised access made by any third party to your personal data. You are reminded that in using the Site and our related services, such information will travel through third party infrastructures which are not under our control. We cannot protect, nor does this Privacy Policy apply to any information that you transmit to other users of the Site including but not limited to the Service Providers and/or Merchants. You are reminded never to transmit your personal or identifying information to other users and that it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you account password is kept confidential at all times and not revealed to any third party.


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