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The hectic pace of urban life is inevitably bound to take a toll on almost every modern woman’s physical beauty and psychological wellbeing, whether she is consistently striving to fulfill the demands of her workplace, diligently running an entire household on the daily as a stay-at- home wife and/or mother, or even tenaciously staying on top of her assignments and exam preparations as a student. Fortunately for the modern woman, the rise of technological developments in the form of mobile applications serves to relieve her from some of her daily stressors by simplifying her life, and OnGlam’s mission is to deliver exactly such a purpose!

OnGlam is a one-stop platform for on-demand beauty services aiming to assist your pampering journey, right from your fingertips to your doorstep! Let us take away the fuss of having to drive to -- or even ring up -- a salon or spa for an appointment, and browse through our specially curated list of handpicked beauty professionals at your convenience. No more scrambling to slot in an appointment or braving through heavy traffic on the road before your beauty session – let OnGlam be the hassle-free gateway to all of your beauty needs!


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